Make your space an extension of yourself

Creating a space you enjoy working in is extremely important for mental health as well as creativity. 

If you just turned your extra room into your office why not make it the corner office you’ve always dreamed of.

Instead of adding distractions to make the room more enjoyable, art can be an inspiring addition to your workspace “Art has been proven to increase productivity, enhance wellbeing and help creative thinking, making it an essential addition to any home office,” says Patrick McCrae, CEO of UK art consultancy ARTIQ during an interview with Forbes.

Realistic colors and strong lines help with concentration while a more pastel and neutral pallet provides a calming effect and bright colors have a refined effect. Make sure you are not always looking at the same thing. Ever find yourself staring at a blank wall longing for inspiration. Cover that blank spot up with something unique to drive your creativity and enhance your workflow. 

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