Introducing Orun Ortiz

December 15, 2021

Introducing Orun Ortiz

Here at the Print Garden, we're dedicated to providing small artists with an outlet to share their art with the world. Originality seems to be hard to come by in poster shops these days. We are hand picking some new talent in the arts world to help you upgrade your space. 

Introducing a new member to the Print Garden Artist collective, Orun Ortiz! She has included a small bio about herself here: 

"Hi, my name is   Orun! I’m a queer non-binary black artist located in Massachusetts. I try not to put a label on the style of art I create, as it does vary. I tell stories with all of the textures, colors, and lines used in my canvases, although it may not be obvious at first. I create my art in hopes that I will reach a black audience that is able to reflect on images that capture black beauty instead of looking at canvases filled with white models."

Her unique art and mission make her the perfect fit for the collective. We are accepting new artists starting January!

Shop Orun's art below, they all make great unique gifts!

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