Common Decor Mistakes

November 08, 2021

Common Decor Mistakes

Most people, especially when moving into a dorm or new house for the first time, can be overwhelmed with decorating it. There are a lot of common decor mistakes made that are easily avoidable. Stop relying on a professional and become a DIY interior designer. 

Using the wrong scale

Hanging pictures in places where there obviously should be a bigger picture is a common mistake. For instance only putting one small picture on a large blank wall would be an eyesore, but if the picture fit the wall better or you lined up some large prints in a row, it would become much more pleasing to look at. Make the scale fit with the rest of the room. 

Matching too much

If the patterns of colors in your room match too much, it starts to have the opposite effect. Don’t stick to the same colors in every part of the room. Contrast the color of the wall or furniture with the colors of your art and decor. 

Using up all the white space

Don’t fill up every single part of white space on the wall with a piece of art. It pays to contrast your prints and posters with white space. It’ll make your beautiful pieces stand out. 

Not enough difference in pieces

Not having enough variation between art on your wall can be boring to look at and is never a good look for when having guests over. Switching between canvases and posters on the wall can be the variety needed to make your room look better. 

Only putting art on the wall

Always try putting it on a dresser. Some large prints can even lean against the wall. Having everything on the wall might mean you're missing a better spot for it somewhere else. 

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