4 tips for How to Place Art

October 26, 2021

4 Tips for placing art from The Print Garden

There are unspoken rules when it comes to the decor in your room. When someone enters, the artwork on the wall is usually the first eye catcher. Certain things in the room affect how the art in your room is viewed. Changing your artwork around according to things such as the width of the wall, what type of furniture is in the room, ect. 

Rows of Pictures

  • For smaller pieces of art, you should set the pieces in rows.
  • A pro tip: Having symmetrical frames or canvas prints in the same sizes looks aesthetically pleasing. Treating multiple art pieces as one is key to a pleasing looking room. 
  • For four pieces of of similar sizes think about arranging them in a square shape 
Make Spacing Make Sense
  • If you want a gallery effect when hanging artwork on the wall, make sure to have balanced spacing between the pieces. 
  • Recommended to hang large and medium pieces about two inches apart and smaller ones about 1-2 inches distance. 
Small Pieces and Large Pieces 
  • They should be saved for narrow walls that don’t provide much wall space.
  • Used for large areas that will not look cluttered. 
  • Pieces hanging or placed above furniture for the fireplace should not be any wider than the furniture. Leave equal space on either side and place the artwork in the middle. 
  • The art should be hung give or take 5 inches above the furniture and 60 inches from center to the floor is a pro tip. 

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